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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by gsquared, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. gsquared

    gsquared Network Guru Member

    I purchased a WAP54G ercently because I thought I would be able to join one of the two local networks in my general vicinity which are made available without encryption. I had expected to join one of the two as a "client" and then connect my access point to a router and have internet access for a few computers that way. This is much like a friend at work is doing, but he is using a netgear access point I think. First question is, am I correct in thinking that an access point in "client" mode is what I want? Secondly, do other brands of access points allow my scenario to occur? And thirdly, is there any third party firmware around that will allow the WAP54G to accomplish this? Lastly, seeing that there is much more thirdware firmware around for the WRT54G than there is for the WAP54G, does the WRT54G with third party firmware support access point client mode as I had hoped to accomplish?
  2. tbonehunter

    tbonehunter Guest

    The 54G will allow this, but it requires the cooperation of the party running the network you're trying to join. Their wireless AP must be configured with your AP's MAC address for it to accept yours as a client. If you don't have their permission (configuration) to use their AP you're out of luck.
  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    1. Do you have permission and cooperation from these remote networks? If you do, then you should be able to get their help with connecting. If you do not, then what you are doing is unethical and likely against the law depending on where you live.

    2. AP-client mode in most basic factory firmware will only support a single ethernet-attached client. Multiple client PC's on your end would not be possible without some additional work. Like plugging the WAP into the WAN port of a wired router for example. Or some 3rd-party firmware for the WAP to make it support client-bridged or client-routed modes.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Access point client also does not allow any othe wireless devices to connect to it. As vincentfox indicates you can only connect one device to the WAP54G, since it has only one port. You can use bridge mode if the other APs support it. Do not use someone elses network with out their permission.
  5. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member

    WAP54G connection to WRT54G

    I have a network consisting of wap54g in access point mode, connected wirelessly to several other wap54g's in client mode. The clients are in a fairly direct line about 1-1/2 miles from the source. I can connect the ethernet port on the wap54g clients to a US Robotics 8054 router or a DLink D624 router and they will both transmit wirelessly or wired to several computers and it works great. This works in client mode and/or wireless bridge mode. Problem is that I cannot make my WRT54G router do the same thing, it will not connect with the client mode wap54g , via the ethernet port or wirelessly. I am using V2.07 on the wap54g's, using channel 2, as channel 6 seemed to have too much traffic and caused slowdowns. The wrt54g is using v3.03. I have 3 wrt54g's, they all do the same thing. I can see no difference in the configuration from the US Robotics and Dlink routers. I read that you cannot connect more than one device to a wap54g in client mode, but I can assure that three computers are connected wirelessly to one wap54g via a Dlink router. I have a second network running on channel 1 from the same source modem, 2 wire 1500 home portal serving several clients, same thing there, no connection to wrt54g. This has me stumped, anyone care to comment?
  6. xenon_hs

    xenon_hs Guest

    Problems with this mode


    I have a problem using client mode, I use the same configuration as cabocloset.

    [ INTERNET ] <--> WAP54G AP mode <--> [ WAP54G client mode <--> WAP54G AP mode ].

    I have some troubles with the client mode, sometimes it's impossible to connect, it's marked as connected in configuration but impossible to ping others AP's. And if I do a reset it works, very unstable, I uses Firmware Version: 3.04 on all AP's with WEP encryption.

    I know that's better to use bridge mode for my configuration but in this case I need the AP mode (for my laptop) form my first AP who's sharing the internet.

    And ideas ?

    Thanks, and merry christmas :)

  7. mingkee

    mingkee Network Guru Member

    I'd like to know which 3rd firmware can make WAP54G has MAC clone?
    because the barracks hotspot is restricted with MAC filter
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