WAP54G: "Access Point Client" not working with lin

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by skooter, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. skooter

    skooter Network Guru Member

    I have a strange wireless networking issue.

    At home I have two wireless Networks:

    WRT54G: responsible for internet gateway and wireless connections of PC and laptop.

    Upstairs I now want to connect a linux machine (no X installed). I attached the linux pc to a (cheap) switch. I also connect my WAP54g and laptop to the switch (all wired).

    I configured (via the laptop) my WAP54G in AP Client mode to connect to my WRT54G. It can find the WRT54G (and the MAC address in the field turns from red to blue). Now I can use my laptop to connect to my WRT54G and internet, via the switch and WAP54G.

    When I try to ping the WRT54G from my linux pc I receive the message Destination Unreachable. I can ping (from linux) the WAP54G and my laptop. From my laptop I can also ping my linux pc and of course the WAP54G.

    What is going wrong?
  2. skooter

    skooter Network Guru Member

    I solved it, I "forgot" to add the MAC address of the linux machine to the Access list of the WRT54G. Appearently I already added the "wired" adapter of the laptop to that list.
  3. press250

    press250 Network Guru Member

    Wireless security?

    Quick question for you ... what wireless security are you using? I'm curious if WPA2 works with your configuration.

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