WAP54G and KISS Player

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by Pajap, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Pajap

    Pajap Network Guru Member

    Ok so i posted to the wrong forum so trying again.

    Has anyone tried to get the WAP54G working with a KISS network DVD player?
    It works flawlessly when connected with a cable but I cannot even ping it when connected to the WAP. The same WAP54G works when connected to a PC and I can browse the web and have all other network functuionality.
    I have it set up in bridge mode and is conencting to another WAP54G in AP mode. I have another (a 3rd) WAP54G on the network (bridge mode) and this also works with no problems. All are on same chaannle with the same 128 wep key etc. In fact I can switch the 2 bridge waps around and neither work with the KISS but both work with the rest of the LAN.
    The KISS is configured correctly and worked with a WGA54g Game Adapter yesterday until I flashed the WGA with the latest firmware.
    All devices on my network have public IP's and are all on the same subnet.

  2. MegaByteNL

    MegaByteNL Network Guru Member

    I have my KISS-DP558 connected to a WAP54G in bridge mode with a WRT54G. I'm using WPA for security and the IP-address of the KISS is manually configured. This all works fine. I'm using the latest Linksys frimware which I installed a week ago. Before that I was using the Sveasoft Freya firmware. This worked for over 6 months with out a problem.

    Maybe you can find info in this matter on the following web-site : http://www.mpeg-playcenter.nl/ ; This site has a large KISS section and Forum.


  3. Pajap

    Pajap Network Guru Member

    Working now

    This is all working now. Switched to a wga45g and it works really well :)
    I think it would have worked with my wap but I needed to upgrade the firmware in the KISS (I think the previous upgrade ahd not worked properly). Never tried with the wap after doing this.
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