WAP54G and WRT54G connecting 2 houses

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by howser, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

    I am having a problem connecting my neighbors house to my wireless network. Here's my list of gear + setup:

    1 WRT54G
    2 WAP54G
    1 USB 802.11g device
    1 Linksys Cable Modem

    I have the cable modem in the basement along with the WRT54G connecting some servers wired to it and running WEP on Channel 6 (Linksys Firmware v 3.x.x)

    One the first floor, I have a WAP54G bridged to the WRT54G on Channel 6 hooked to a hub that has 2 computers, a printer and the second WAP54G.

    This works without any problem. The USB device runs on Channel 6 and can connect to the WRT54G no problem.

    The second WAP54G is running MUSTDIE_2.07_R1 at 40mW on Channel 11 (also tried 1) for my neighbor in AP mode. From my house and sometimes from his we can connect, get an IP Address and surf. However, this only works for a short period for him and he soon loses his connection even though the signal is at 40-50%.

    I've already tried a WRE54G which I think is a piece of junk (Creates a ton of unwanted network traffic (MAC REWRITE PACKETS) and for some reason as soon as I plug it in, kills my network. So that's out for now.

    My neighbor is about 150-200 feet away but all things constant still has a hard time getting consistent wireless access. Does anyone have a tip for how to get this to work? I'm willing to try other products, antenna's etc, to get this going.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you'd be better with new antennas. directional ones really.
  3. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

    OK -- any suggestions?
  4. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

  5. dragonmaster

    dragonmaster Network Guru Member

    Neighbors firmware

    While I'm not familiar with the firmware you are using in your neighbors WAP54G, the standard Linksys firmware version 3.X.X should work fine.

    I noticed that the WAP54G upstairs is in the bridge mode and the neighbors is in access point. They both need to be in the same mode. What works in a multi access point network for me is the selecting the WRT54G as the "accesspoint" and the clients are listed as "access point clients" with the MAC address of WRT54G router listed in each access points. NOTE: give static IP's to each of the clients as well as your neighbor's machines. (I found over time that the DHCP server function is far from reliable over wireless)

    Now for antennas, a yagi antenna of 9 db is more than adequate for the distance (at your neighbors house) select either the left or right antenna and plug it in their. (you have RP-TNC connectors on Linksys 54G products.) The issue you have at your house is that you need to run an omni directional antenna and you can probably get away with using the Linksys 7 db gain (their claim, not mine) antennas (they come in a package of two). You can find lots of antennas at this location. I have used them extensively and they build quality products. http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/antennas_2400.php

    Last bit of advice is to test the nework with the default Linksys configuration, except for the MAC address requirement. Once everthing is working fine, then start the changes i.e. SSID, encryption etc.
  6. howser

    howser Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the link and the info -- I definitly need to get a new antenna for both sides. As for why I'm running the AP in bridge mode, I need it to act as a bridge for the computers that are plugges into the same hub. The other AP is running on a different channel to provide access to my neighbor. All of the setup works as is, it's just not powerful enough.
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