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    Hi All,

    I currently have 2 WAP54G v2 units running in AP Server / Wireless bridge mode. Both of these are running the *stock* 3.04 firmware from Linksys. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

    Cable Modem -> m0n0 box -> switch -> wap54g AP -> wireless -> wap54g AP-client -> xbox360

    Currently this is working as long as I have security disabled. I've been forced to use MAC filtering on the AP to get this to work. Ideally I'd like to enable WPA-Enterprise or RADIUS. I already have a RADIUS server working and I can setup the AP and authenticate any and all wireless devices as expected. The issue I run into is how on earth do I make the 2nd AP (AP-client) authenticate or somehow otherwise work in this configuration? If I set the AP to RADIUS and get it configured it also appears to want to set a WEP key. Ok, so I take that WEP key and put it in the 2nd AP (AP-client) yet there isn't a place where I can actually put the RADIUS user/pass.

    I know this seems like a somewhat stupid setup, but I'd feel safer if I could get this to work as intended.

    Any one have any ideas/suggestions? Is there a firmware for these that somehow could enable this? Linksys tech support wasn't of any help as they claim you can't even use 2 APs to create a wireless bridge. (uhhhh... the feature's in the firmware thanks!!@@@)

    Thanks :)
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