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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I live close to the provider's tower and can even pick up his signal weakly with my wireless card. I was told that the WAP54G can be used as a repeater to amplify the wireless signal and that I probably would not even need an antenna.
    I have searched your site for information on configuring the WAP54G as a repeater, but found nothing. Although I am a novice, I can't believe this is a new topic. Can you help me out?
    (By the way this is in Afghanistan).
  2. 4Access

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    You'll need to find out what equipment they are using. The WAP54G supposedly only repeats with other Linksys equipment. (See page 43 of 70 (page 37 according to the number printed on the bottom right of the page) in the Users Guide for more.)

    The WRT54G might work better since custom firmware allows it to repeat with any WDS capable device. Note that this still often requires that configuration be done on the remote end... (On the other hand running custom firmware in Client mode on the WRT will allow you to connect to any wireless network but then only the wired ports can be used on the router. Wireless clients can't connect to a WRT in client mode.)
  3. Anonymous

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    Can the mentioned access point support WPA WHILE acting as a repeater?


    Different AC
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    WPA is supported in repeater mode on the WAP54G v2 hardware with firmware v2.08

    The WAP54G v1 hardware appears to just need v2.07

    I'm not sure about the WAP54G v1.1 since the linksys download site doesn't show any firmware available for this hardware version. (It probably uses either the v1 or v2 firmware but you'll want to double check that.)

    Note I don't actually have a WAP I just pulled all the above info from the Firmware changelog on the Linksys download site...
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