WAP54g Bridge Mode Failures

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by askoog66, Jan 22, 2009.

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    I have been using 4 WAP54g's to connect three buildings successfully for the last few years until the last few weeks. They are all connected to external yagi antennaes through the left port. The two WAP's connecting building A and B are firmware 3.01 and work flawlessly. The other two WAP's are firmware 3.04 and connect building B and C and fail several times a day. They will will only work after unplugging and replugging.

    I have compared the settings between the two sets to ensure the frame burst, etc. are all the same. The differences are the A-B set are channel 6 and ssid of 'chadwick'. The B-C set are channel 2 and ssid of 'chadwick'. They are all WEP 64 bit and set to G-only and have individual static IP addresses. I have gone as far as replace both of the B-C set with new ones from Staples and have the exact same problem.

    When the connection is lost, I can ping the building C WAP, but not building B or A. During the same outage, when I go to building B, I can ping all of the WAP's except building C. Bottom line, I can always ping a local WAP when the connection is lost, but can only restore the remote connection by unplugging and replugging. When I am in building B, I can always ping building A and B regardless of the building C connection status. Usually the building C is the one to go out, but sometimes (10%) the building B WAP that goes to C fails.

    Generally, when things are reset, they will work for a few hours. Everything seems to point to an antennae problem, but I don't understand how that could be the problem if plugging and replugging immediately solves the problem. If it is a usage/heating problem, I don't understand because the internet connection is in building A and by farm the most network traffic goes over the A-B connection which has the older WAP's. I don't really want to crawl up to the top of our ice covered roof and diagnose either!

    Ideas much appreciated. Thanks......
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