WAP54G bridging over 500 yards

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by LordFlux, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    I'm looking at setting up a wireless network with my brother, mainly because he has DSL and I don't (I'm on a different line and it is not available.) His house is in line of sight, but about 475-500 yards away. His network consists of a router and two PCs. My network consists of a 5-port switch and two PCs.

    To make it easy, I'm looking at purchasing two Linksys WAP54G units and bridging them together. I'd like for his router's DHCP to supply my PCs with IP addresses.

    Since his equipment is in a closet, I'll need an omni-directional antenna at his location to get the signal out of the house. I'll need a directional antenna at my location to transmit over the long distance.

    My question is -- what antennas should I be looking at? I've been looking around at different antennas, but have not seen any details on transmission distance. Should I be looking at 15db units, 19db units, or higher?

  2. WebDog

    WebDog Network Guru Member

    you will most likly need 2 directional antennas, one on each roof.
  3. iodinn

    iodinn Guest

    Im doing pretty much the same thing

    Hi I am trying to bridge over 'bout 14 km dist. twice, here is a rough diagram:

    Internet<->ADSL router<->WRT54G-(directional ant)~~(directional ant)-WRT54G<->WRT54G-(directional ant)~~(directional ant)-WRT54G<->WRT54G-(omni ant)~~Client.

    My question is... how do I do this.... do I use WDS or some other feature?

    Using a 24 dbi directional ant. as described here http://www.task.is/?webID=1&p=217&sp=218&ssp=331&item=1535 or should I use some other ant?

    What do you recomend?

  4. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    i would recommend moving.

    but thats not feesable
    in both applications usedirectinal antennas it will help with the signal and keep he meighbors out
    also they are somewhat less suceptable to weather if they are kept clean and snow free.
    14 km is far but i have seen it done in excess of 30 miles with the right equipment you can do it no problem

    select the highest gain antenna you can. if you wish to keep it legal your total Db's have t be less than 30 i believe. but whos checking
    then use gps to line up the antennas. than pray.
    then surf the net 14 km/500yards away.
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