wap54g cd utility problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by zafi, May 25, 2005.

  1. zafi

    zafi Network Guru Member

    I have a wap54g AP and i am having the following problem.I run the setup cd it finds the access point but when i try to enter the password admin it doesn't take it and it appears a windows error.The AP works fine with my wireless laptop but i want to change the security settings.Does anyone can help?Thanks!
  2. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member

    Browser Access

    I've never used the CD so I don't know what it does. Just use your browser, entering, just like it says in the instructions, and do your damage there. Make sure to leave the "User" field blank.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The default IP Address of the WAP54G is, unless you changed it. As malfeasance indicated the default password is "admin" lowercase without the quotes.
  4. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member


    Well I'll be jiggered! The Good Doctor values truth above all else, so I should've prefaced my remarks with "I actually don't know beans about the WAP! So this is what is done with the WRT..." and "... the IP addres in your instructions!"

    What a boner! :smackbottom:
  5. dodoc08

    dodoc08 Network Guru Member

    Cannot login to web utility wap54g v. 2

    Hey, I have been having a similar problem, when trying to login to the web based utility I get only an error, page cannot be found, and when using the CD wizard setup utiity I am told that there are no 54G products on my network. I can however connect to the internet using the wireless access point. I know it is working, I need to be able to set up my security.
    Resetting the WAP hasn't changed anything.

    Please give me some suggestions. This is my first try with linksys products.
  6. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member

    WAP Login

    Okay! After perusing the Manual, it seems Linksys Conventional, though I have no experience with the so-called "Setup Wizard CD" or whatever it is. I'm always worried that these things will load crap I don't on my computer, which they almost always do.

    So, with your connectivity, obviously you are aquiring an IP address fine so your TCP/IP is setup right on your computer. I found that sometimes using Internet Explorer, I have to include, deliberately, "http://" without the quotes before the IP address, which is, so or I get the same response. Seems like it shouldn't happen, but it does.

    I would suggest a couple of other things but it seems like with the connectivity you are experiencing, you don't need them.

    First order of business when you connect: change the password!

    Report back!
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