WAP54G + DD-WRT 2.3sp2 + client setting

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by eshicks, Oct 12, 2006.

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    I have my WAP54G v3.1 running DD-WRT 2.3sp2 in client mode. It's hooked up to an old PC in the garage though the 10/100 NIC and is having strange issues. Initially, it'll work just fine; however, after a little while of use, outgoing connections (garage PC -> Internet) start to get really flakey and, eventually, stop working entirely. I've already tested the NIC in the PC (it's old so it was the 1st to try) and it doesn't experience these problems when directly connected to a router LAN port.

    The strange part, though, is that the opposite direction is not the same - I can successfully connect to the VNC server and SSH servers on that PC over and over again even after its ability to create an outgoing connection dies off.

    I am using it in client mode with NAT (I'm hoping to add more computers so simlpe bridge mode is out) so I figured that the open port limit was being reached. I reconfigured it to use the default of 512 open ports and the P2P suggested connection timeout of 120 seconds; however, after monitoring the WAP for a little while during heavy use, I never saw it go much over 100 and the outgoing connections still died. Also, I never lost the ability to connect to the WAP's GUI client even though anything that tried to go further than that never made it out.

    Can I trust the info page's open port count? I'm wary to up the port limit as the WAP54G is pretty low on memory already. Is there some obscure setting somewhere that I'm not configuring properly? Has anyone else seen this kind of instability? I'm all out of ideas so anything at all would be helpful.
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