WAP54G freezing up ... HELP!?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by am_vt, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. am_vt

    am_vt LI Guru Member

    The installation has three WAP54G v2 with v3.04. Each has the same SSID. Channels are 1,6,11. Each AP connects directly to a switch.

    When they work, they work great. A client can connect and roam freely.

    At some point (no pattern or time specific duration) each of the APs will freeze up. The AP no longer is available for connections. When an attempt is made to get to the web interface of the AP from a machine on the wired network, it does not respond. The only way to get the APs back is to reboot them.

    There are no more than 30 wireless users on the network at any given time - distributed among the APs (mostly.) I heard from LinkSys today that these APs can handle about 30-35 users (average sessions, etc.) ... I'm not there.

    What is it that is causing these APs to lock-up? Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  2. am_vt

    am_vt LI Guru Member

    Just a followup - a "Senior Technician" from LinkSys has confirmed that with the installation as described earlier is beyond the limits of this consumer class product. The APs are not up to task. This technician stated that a max of 12-16 users (depending on traffic) is enough to lock up the APs - exactly what's happening.

    I'm sure that someone is using these APs with a bunch of users, but my users are killing them!
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