WAP54G In combination with WC54GCA

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    Currently we have 2 Access points (WAP54G) linked up to 11 network camera's (WC54GCA). The main issue we're having is that certain camera's tend to lose their connection to the access points. Its mainly the same couple of camera's that tend to glitch out. They never lose connections in packs and its always about 1/2 camera's at a time. Oddly enough the one which gives us the most problems is the one closest to one of the access point.The camera's get plugged out during the night. Here's the current setup of our network:

    Access point 1 is set up in one side of the building linked up with 5 camera's. They tend to glitch out sometimes but less frequently than the other side.

    Access point 2 is set up in the other side of the building linked up with 6 camera's.
    and on the side lies most of the problems.

    Both access points are linked up to a router that in turn is linked to a computer where the camera streams are being viewed.

    Currently we're trying to solve this problem since we want to expand the current setup. However we're having a hard time doing so. Hence any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    R Floris
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