wap54g not accesseble ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by collen, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. collen

    collen LI Guru Member

    Hello ya'll, i was wondering if someone could help me out.
    i flashed my wap54g-v3 with an openwrt firmware.
    it bricked an all, but i was able to upload the original
    linksys firmware (3.04) by doing a pin-16 reset.

    now the original firmware is on it again, ssid shows up in wlan list ect.
    but i can't access the AP annymore.
    wlan flickers on and off and finaly get's stuck not being able to login.
    the lan doesn't work, i have connection but no data through put.

    if i start the ap, i can get (with a little luck) into the web interface.
    but it's realy slow, and has alot of time out error's and finally dies..

    what's wrong with the ap?? original firmware is back on it, and i reset the nvram setting back to default..

    Some tips will do here...
  2. pavelkamburov

    pavelkamburov Network Guru Member

    if you dont repair you must use Jtag cable. If you want i send for you cfe.bin or wholeflash.bin
  3. collen

    collen LI Guru Member

    can i use the cfe and wholeflash images with tftp ?!?
    there is no extra connector for jtag on the wap54g v3 eu, only lan.
    is there a howto on using jtag in combination with wap54g ??

    i'm kinda confused, i can flash the device, but some how
    it brickes up, after a few sec's (10 - 20).
    even with the original firmware..
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