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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bassgoon, May 23, 2005.

  1. bassgoon

    bassgoon Network Guru Member

    Hey, I have a wap54g that I'm using at work. We're on a huge network here, and they don't let any device on the network with out registering. I registered this device, but its not picking up its IP. Also the linksys setup utility isn't working, and I KNOW it works whether or not the device has a public IP. So, any advice as to why I can't even use the linksys ulitity (that I downloaded from their website, I don't have the cd anymore, but its the same thing right?)
    Anyway, thanks for helping.
  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    if it's that big of a network you should probably check with your IT department there may be something that they know about that you don't...
  3. bassgoon

    bassgoon Network Guru Member

    well, I got my wap11 to work just fine using a similar method. I tried using a crossover cable to plug the wap54g straight into a computer, and that didn't work either :-/
  4. dodoc08

    dodoc08 Network Guru Member

    I have also downloaded a copy of the WAP54g setup utility, and it can't even find that I have a 54g product connected to my home router. I don't know if their utility works.
    My Router doesn't show the IP of the WAP either, I wasn't sure if it would show up or not.
    I haven't been able to log in to the web based utility either, even though I can connect wirelessly to the internet. Sorry that's not too helpful, but youre not the only one.
  5. bassgoon

    bassgoon Network Guru Member

    well, I finally figured it out. If you plug the wap into a router you control, you can log into the router and look at the dhcp lease info, and find out what IP the wap has, then go to that IP to set it up.
  6. smike

    smike Network Guru Member

    Your network administrator must love you. If I ever caught one of my users installing their own wireless AP, it would be the last time they ever used a network I was responsible for.
  7. bassgoon

    bassgoon Network Guru Member

    its a university network, so as long as you aren't running your own dhcp server, they don't care, cause they have access restrictions in place. You have to be a student or staff member to get on the network.
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