WAP54G Problems: Unable to keep wireless network stable with WPA-PSK

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by casour036, Aug 9, 2007.

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    What is the best way to set-up our two Linksys WAP54G and BEFSX41? With one WAP54G everything works fine. Adding a second WAP54G and everything starts going unstable (ie; second WAP54g drops signals, users can no longer see the SSID or they can with an 11b thumb but not always access the internet or local resources.

    We actually have a 190 foot cable run from the main area where the WAP54G and BEFSX41 resides so the other WAP54G can provide access to the distant users. Please note this was done because the distance of the WAP54Gs are too far apart.

    Our office must use a high level of encryption for HIIPA purposes so we're using WPA-PSK TKIP for now. We will use WPA2 soon but some of the existing wireless devices don't support this standard.

    How should I configure the two WAP54G's in this case:

    1) WAP54G #1 connects to BEFSX41 as primary AP
    2) WAP54G #2 connects to BEFSX41 as AP client even though it is wired to the BEFSX41 some 190 feet away - because the two APs barely overlap. There are also 6 doors between the WAPs.

    Signals were 18%-24% for users further away from the primary AP wit no success.

    Should the WAP54G #2 be set-up as a repeater or AP client even though it cannot see WAP54G #1. The WAP54G #2 is connected to BEFSX41.

    I tried using this set-up treating each WAP54G with a different SSID, channel and passphrase but the users could not get to the internet or local resources.
    Needless to say all users that used WAP54G #1 don't have problems. So, being out of range has hurt us because we're in a business incubator with many businesses between our other offices therefore no devices can be mounted in the hallway, ceiling and office doors must be kept shut.
    Thanks in advance.

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