WAP54G Tweaks to maintain connection.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by fallbrookdave, May 9, 2004.

  1. I have a rather unique setup at our office. Due to the location of our office, we are unable to receive cable modem or dsl. Our neighbor across the street has cable access about 2.5 Mbps. So we hooked up a WAP54G inside of a Rootenna. Stuck it on the roof and aimed it at our office about 150ft away. Works pretty damn good, but most of the USB adapters would fail to get strong signals. We dumped those and installed PCI adapters. Netgear, Linksys and Dlink all work well. I ned to figure out the ultimate tweak or hack to keep this thing up and running with optimum output. It currently is a bit weak inside our office. Problem is when I have to reboot the WAP54G I have to go next door and climb up a roof access panel inside the owners office. I am wearing out my welcome REAL FAST with all these RESETs. Would like to hear from other WAP54G users!
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    Dave welcome on board -

    Check out this story of ours. Sveasoft has developed a firmware for the WAP54G that not only allows for modifying the transmit receive power, but also allows for reboots from the configuration web page. You can read the announcement for it on his web forums here

    Hope this helps you out!
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