WAP54G v.3 MAC Addresses in MAC filter disapper

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Jeepin_CJ7, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Jeepin_CJ7

    Jeepin_CJ7 Network Guru Member

    When I put in the MAC addresses for the filtering they disappear after leaving the page and going back. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I thought it helped that I put them in all caps with colons (00:14:BF:2A:4B:16), but even that isn't helping much. (it kept two)

    I'm using the Linksys official 3.03 firmware.
    I have reset it to factory defaults and reflashed the 3.03 firmware.
    The filtering is in place even though the MAC addresses are not showing up in the fields.
    I have tried on two different computers running IE with low security settings.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    There seems to be a bug in the firmware. It sometimes disappears and sometimes it does not. I entered to MAC addresses and I save the setting. They were still there. I terminated the connection and went back in and they disappeared. I entered a third address in the third spot and it moved to the first spot and stayed.
  3. Jeepin_CJ7

    Jeepin_CJ7 Network Guru Member

    Pretty much the same here. I didn end up getting two to stay in the fields. What a pain! :sad:
  4. onesolo

    onesolo Network Guru Member

    I can confirm that this happens to me too...
  5. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member

    Me too... I have 4 of them and they all do it. Sometimes they also loose the SSID and WPA2 settings. I tried upgrading to the 3.03 firmware but it did not help.

    I did a live chat with Linksys and they though I was crazy. If you can please try to contact them about this issue. Request that it be esclated to a L2 tech so that the issue can get resolved.
  6. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    I see the same problem with firmware 3.03 when entering the addresses.... but even though they are not displayed after entering them, it seems to save them and work just fine (for a while - see below).

    What I have is a very strange and I think related probem.

    After 1 week (I mean exactly one week!!!!) the wireless just appears to drop out. After some experimenting what I found was the WAP was dropping some (or sometimes all) addresses off the MAC address filter list. So obviously all the clients would drop out.
    Restarting the router had no effect - it seems to have saved the modified list.

    So to fix it I just add the MAC addresses back in and click save - bingo problem solved for another week.

    Its obvious to me that there is a firmware bug with the MAC filter... but what I can't see is why EXACTLY ONE WEEK after fixing it the problem happens again. Its just bizare.

    I have 3 clients in the MAC filter that are allowed to connect.
    One is a WET54g wireless bridge that I leave on and conencted 24/7. I use MAC address filter, WPA-PSK, hidden ssid.
    I would do some more experimenting so see if i can narrow down the cause - i.e. if its because a client (bridge) is connected 24/7... but it takes a week to see any results so its most difficult.

    Anyone else had similar experiences?
  7. spence

    spence Network Guru Member


    I have been in contact with LinkSys technical support and they inform me the MAC address filter bug is known as will be fixed with new firmware. They are going to send me some beta firmware in the next 24 hours.

    Hopefully that should fix the issue and some firmware will be made availalbe in a general release soon.
  8. Agustinb

    Agustinb Network Guru Member

    I had the same problem.
    Also the WAP54G v.3 doesn't remember security settings, when using bridge mode, or repeater.

    I tried a lot of things (even brick the device with 2.08 firmware... I revive it by opening an shorting some pins on the flash memory).

    The problem was solved with the 3.02 version of the firmware, wich It's very hard to find, cause it's not in the ftp server of linksys or relateds sites.

    I found it on a special web page on

    There is a lot of information for the WAP54G there. Hope it helps.

    Agustin B.
  9. Agustinb

    Agustinb Network Guru Member

  10. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    The new beta firmware linksys have sent me is version 3.04

    I'll put it on tonight and let you guys know how it goes.
  11. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member

    I have been promosed this firmware 3 times now. I still have not seen it.
  12. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    Well I have installed the new 3.04 beta firmware.

    It fixes the problem of the MAC addresses disapearing from the filter. Time will tell if it solves my other bizare problem of MACs being locked out after a week -- but I suspect it will.

    I have to say I could not be more pleased with Linksys technical support. They have been absolutely supurb. Fast responses and quick resolution with a new firmware.
    Well done LinkSys!

    P.S. The firmware was labelled "The firmware is not for distribution and testing should be kept confidential. Any reproduction or distribution of this firmware or any portion of it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law"
    --- so don't ask me to send you a copy.
  13. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    Well I have just reverted to 3.03 :(

    My connection kept dropping out and reconnecting. I gave 3.04 a second chance and reset to factory defaults with the button on the back - then re-entered all details.

    Within 30 mins the Wireless droped out and I could not get it back.

    So i flashed back to 3.03 and emailed my feedback to linksys tech support.

    I am incredibly disapointed with the WAP54g and would not recommend it to anyone.
  14. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member

    Are you serious? What number are you calling? The people I'm on the phone with right now do not even know what a "bug" is. And 4 people I have done a live chat with are a$$ clowns.
  15. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member

  16. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    I just submitted a question via email:

    And the opened a case and supplied me with the dodgy beta firmware.
  17. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member

    3.04beta seems to fix the MAC filter problem.
  18. biznatch

    biznatch Network Guru Member


    My network appears to be up an passing traffic fine (after an hour+). I only lost 1 ping packet out of 5889.
  19. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    biznatch, did you notice an extra ms added to your ping time?
  20. Mark20

    Mark20 Network Guru Member

    Where I can download the new firmware 3.0.4?
    I can't found it. :( Sorry for my English I'm Swiss.
  21. spence

    spence Network Guru Member

    Contact linksys tech support and tell them about the problem with the MAC filter. They should open a support case and email you the beta firmware.
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