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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kambusa, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. kambusa

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    Hi to all,

    please tell me if is possible upgrade the original firmware (v2.08) with the other unofficial firmware to get more power output, i've V.2 of hardware.

    thanks to all

  2. howardp6

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    For the closest to Linksys firmware, you can use HyperWAP, which available for download at this site. It is based on Linksys firmware version 2.07. The latest firmware version is 2.08. Avenger has not released a version based on 2.08 at this time.

    This is the changelog for HyperWAP:

    HyperWAP v1.0

    Adjustable Transmit Power
    Antenna Select

    13 Wireless Channels
    'Boot Wait' flash protection

    You can wait for a new version of HyperWAP.

    Another optopm is to use Freya from Sveasoft, it is based on Linksys firmware version 2.06. This is the changelog for Freya.

    Sveasoft AB 2004-04-16

    Changelog for Freya-v2.06-1sv

    WAP54G Firmware

    Changes from stock Linksys V2.06 firmware:

    Channels 1-14

    Telnet added

    Bandwidth Mangement added

    Txpwr added

    Tx antenna added

    Busybox updated with several utilites
    - login and type "busybox"

    Boot_wait set on boot

    This is the complete version information for Linksys version 2.08:

    Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Product: WAP54G

    Classification: Firmware Release History

    Release Date: 02/23/05

    Last Firmware Version: v2.08, Jan 24, 2005
    Version 2.08, Jan 24, 2005
    - Improves performance when used with WRE54G
    - Adds WPA PSK support in Wireless Repeater mode
    - Fix: System log displays incorrect log time
    - Fix: When security is enabled in AP Client mode, it does not show enabled in basic page
    - Fix: In AP client mode, connection drops when connected to another WAP54G
    - Fix: IP fragmentation security vulnerability

    Version 2.07, April 28, 2004
    - Adds Linksys Wireless Guard support

    Note:WPA does not work in Wireless Bridge/Repeater mode in this release

    Version 2.06, December 16, 2003 (ver.2 initial release)
    - Updated User Interface format and layout
    - Updated wireless driver to support all versions of WAP54G hardware
    - Adds AP Client Mode
    - Adds Wireless Repeater Mode for WAP54G and WRT54G (requires fw 2.02.2 or above)

    Note:WPA does not work in Wireless Bridge/Repeater mode in this release

    Version 1.08, August 5, 2003 (ver.1 & 1.1 only)
    - Complies with final 802.11g standard
    - Added Wi-Fi Protected Access(TM) support including AES and TKIP encryption
    - Adds UI control to enable/disable frame bursting
    - Adds UI control for antenna selection
    - Added "B-Only" option to wireless modes
    - Added "Default" option to Basic Rate settings

    Note:WPA does not work in Wireless Bridge mode in this release

    Version 1.06, February 18, 2003 (ver.1 only)
    - Improves Stability and Performance
    - Improves Performance in mixed environment
    - Improves compatibility with Legacy Client Adapter
    - Fix Event Log (Records client MAC Address)
    - Fix Bridging with WAP11 on some channels

    Version 1.05 (ver.1 only)
    - Initial Release

    Note: Please make sure to reset/reboot the unit after firmware upgrade is complete.

    Firmware version 2.08 from Linksys added WPA-PSK for bridge mode also.

    So if you need to be able to vary the power you have a choice. There is also Mustdie and theset are the features of MustDie:

    1) Setup: Regulatory Domain "Worldwide" (channels 1-14 are available)
    2) Advanced Wireless: Receiving Antenna (Left, Right, Diversity)
    3) Advanced Wireless: Transmitting Antenna (Left, Right, Diversity)
    4) Advanced Wireless: Transmitter Power (1-84 mW)
    5) Status: Receiving Antenna, Transmitting Antenna, Transmitter Power"
  3. kambusa

    kambusa Network Guru Member

    Many thanks for detailed info!!
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