Wap54g v3 Brick ::Mustdie::

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by rockstart, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. rockstart

    rockstart LI Guru Member

    sorry for my english

    i brick my Wap54g whit Mustdie 2

    I touch pin 16 for unbrick
    I can ping
    I tftp the new firmware from Linksys

    But i can go to the Web control panel
    Page not Found...
  2. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    be sure to follow the right procedure,,.. set your computer to sub= gateway192.168.1.1 thats it you should be able to access it otherwise its not yet totally fixed
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    afaik mustdie was for v1 possible v2 WAP54Gs. you may have flashed it with an incompatable firmware is my guess.

    download the tftp utility from here:


    now download the correct firmware for his WAP?
    make sure he uses the correct firmware for his model of WAP there are several and they are ALL incompatible with each other. (my guess is mustdie firmware was incompatible!)

    make sure you have a static IP of 192.168.1.x on your only PC that is wired to the WAP. using the gateway as the WAP IP address.

    unpack the tftp and the firmware binary file.

    Now get the tftp utility ready to just click on the upgrade/upload button. then turn off the power to the WAP then turn it back on again, but at the same time, click the upgrade button. thats what I do with any WRT54G/GL etc. it works 99% of the time.
  4. PBR1967

    PBR1967 LI Guru Member

    Rockstart - To reduce problems, Before tftp of new firmware:
    1. Close all other running programs on the computer.
    2. shut down firewall, anti virus software, anti spyware software,
    i.e. any other programs that are running.
    3. connect the router to only the computer.

    This just reduces the chances of something interfering with the router firmware load.
  5. rockstart

    rockstart LI Guru Member

    Thx A Lot!!!!


    Thx a lot guys!!! :smile:
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