WAP54G v3 bricked

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by hpkevertje, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. hpkevertje

    hpkevertje Network Guru Member


    I tryed to increase the power on a new WAP54G version 3 with HyperWAP. HyperWAP is not supposed to run on version 3 hardware, but I only checked after I hosed the box... Not the smartes thing I've ever done...

    Anyway, when I start up this box, I only get the power and the LAN Link led on (not the wireless one). The LAN led goes out when I unplug the network cable. I can not reach the box over lan, using the original IP ( or any of the defaults ( or I've tryed resetting,... but no luck so far. I also opened the box and tried to short pin 15 and 16 on the flash chip (It's an SST 39VF1601, and there are no pin numbers, so I'm not sure if this will even work, or if I shorted the correct pins). There seems to be no way to get this box to respond to respond to pings, http requests, tftp,....

    On the other hand there ethereal shows me an Gratuitous ARP request about every second as soon as I turn the box on (it's trying to get a mac for, which used to be it's own ip).

    Any ideas on how I could get this thing running again?


  2. hpkevertje

    hpkevertje Network Guru Member

    Got it working. Pint 15 and 16 are located on the left hand side of the SST chip, when you hold it so you can read the text. pin 1 is on the bottom, pin 24 is at the top.

    I got it running again...
  3. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    you already got the answer hehehehehe:)
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