WAP54G v3 dead after flashing wrong must die firmware

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bibawa, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. bibawa

    bibawa Guest

    Hello guys !

    since friday i've a wap54g access points, works fine, but i've flashed a wrong must die firmware on my ap (for v2 ver.).
    Now my ap is completelly dead, de red power led is lightening, the act led is of an de link led is on when connected to the network, the led of the ses button is also off.

    No i've found a howto to fix a brick on a wap54G v3:

    By comparing the intel / SST datasheets, you'll discover that both chips are not completely pin compatible. On the v3 PCB, Pin 15 simply has no connection, so you'll need to: 
    - Find a point to get GND on the v3 PCB. Many possibilities, e. g. the metal plating of the "easy secure" button, the outer rim of the TNC connector, etc ... 
    - Use some wire, connect a needle or something similar thin to the other end. Push it GENTLY on pin 16 of the flash chip. To find the pin, count to the right starting at the dot on the chip. Take your time here. If you're not sure you got it right, double check. Using a wrong pin may destroy the voltage regulator(s) and / or other circuitry on the PCB or cause other havoc. 
    - Turn on the power on the WAP54. Wait a brief period (>2 secs). Remove the pin16 short. 
    - Use a .trx file of your choice. I used http://downloads.openwrt.org/whiterussian/rc4/default/openwrt-wap54g-squashfs.trx
    , which seems to work. 
    - (Windows related) Start a DOS prompt. Type "tftp -i put <path and filename of your trx>. You may check if the WAP54 has entered the desired state by pinging If you get replies, hit enter. Wait a brief period (>2 minutes) until programming has finished. 
    I've just opened my ap, but where i can find the flash chip is that the chip of sst on the back of the pcb?

    Here's a (very bad) picture of the back of the pcb with the sst chip:

    There are 3 dots, a white, a blue and a pink, there is also a dot in the chip himself (made by a drill) I've to count from right of a dot, but where (up or down), the red or the pink arrow?

    Kinds regards,


    - -
    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand it
  2. siddolo

    siddolo LI Guru Member


    my wap54g is died!
    Led status:
    red on
    act off
    link on when i connect lan cable..

    ping not work :(
  3. siddolo

    siddolo LI Guru Member

    for steve

    steve the metod that you post work gretly!!!
    you start count from dot in the chip!
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