WAP54G v3 - SD and GPIO - HOW TO

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    After I succesfully connect Serial ports its time for SD flash.

    GPIO pins:

    GPIO 0 - rear button
    GPIO 2 - R152 (solder side)
    GPIO 3 - R149 (solder side)
    GPIO 4 - TP5 (bottom side)
    GPIO 6 - amber LED
    GPIO 7 - R150 (solder side)
    GPIO 12 - white LED
    GPIO 14 - front button

    here are pictures:
    solder side:

    bottom side:

    GPIO 2,3,4,7 are in 90% not connected, so I without any (hardware) trouble connected SD like on this site: WRT54G.

    insmod mmc start without any modyfications but, after that I have trouble to install modules for create and start ext2 partition on SD.
    2M flash is to small for that, so I decide to compile my own image.
    From default configuration I remove modules:


    This modules (and many others) you can install to SD after mount them.
    Before make image is necessary to make some modifications in config and format SD. They are explained in PackagesOnExternalMediaHowTo

    Additional, in /etc/init.d/ I create file S50crond (I know, this file isn't for that) small script, whitch mount SD every reboot:

    insmod mmc
    insmod ext2
    mkdir -p /mnt/sd
    mount /dev/mmc/disc0/part1 /mnt/sd

    And finally pictures of my mod WAP
    Front side and SD reader:

    Serial ports left - ttyS1, right - ttyS0
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