wap54g v3 unbricking

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by imation, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. imation

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    sorry for my very bad english....

    I have a wap54g V3 with sst 39vf1601 flash and it's bricked.The tutorial work fine ( pin 16 to gnd and tftp the firmware ) but the wap not working.After upload
    the original firmware i can enter in the web gui of the wap and all it seems to work.But if reset the wap or unplug the dc adaptor the wap is "dead" !! The lan it does not work and the wireless is on ( i can see the ssid ) but it is not possible to connect itself.I have tried to change firmware with openwrt but there's the same problem (also with dd WRT sp1 and sp2). With openwrt I can enter in telnet but I don't know what to make.There is a system in order to unbricking the wap?I see the serial interface or the jtag but i need the original firmware for unbricking the wap ?

    Thank's for all

    best regards
  2. collen

    collen LI Guru Member

    A, know the problem....

    here it is, upload the firmware, and DON'T reset the wap54g
    telnet or ssh into the wap54g, check the sdram timing settings
    (nvram show | grep sdram)

    my guess is that these are wrong, and that is why you can't get in after a reset.

    try: sdram_config = 0x0032
    sdram_init = 0x0002
    sdram_ncdl = 0x23

    btw, also check the init.d in /etc to see if the nvram settings aren't set with a boot script
    (other wise, your work would be for nothing)

    have fun...

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