wap54g ver 1 and ver 1.1 not able to upgrade firmware

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by focalpoint, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. focalpoint

    focalpoint Network Guru Member

    Hi I have 3 wap54g access points and they seem to work intermitantly.
    I have been told that they should be upgraded to the newest version of the firmware. i.e 2.07 is reccommended. one is ver 1.1 and the other two are ver 1 machines. The ver 1 machines have firmware ver 1.06 and the 1.1 has ver 1.09
    I have downloaded the 2.07 firmware from the linksys site ver 1.08 thru 2.07 (but they are trx files and the updater page said they should be bin files? ) and also the tftp.exe(ver 1.255) but when I try to flash the firmware it can't talk to the access point but when I use iexplorer it goes into the setup of the machine. The firmware update button on the menu under help in the accesspoint just hangs up. have tryed with the access point direct to computer and on the network. I am using a linksys router as the dhcp server, but have tryed with the computer in dhcp mode and in deicated ip address mode. am using 192.168.1.* as address and
    can find accesspoint in either way but still no access. have even tried to use hidden page talked about on some web sites but it does not come up on any of my access points. any help to make these reliable is appreciated.
    would like to put mustdie 2.07 on all three but must have linksys 2.07 first right?
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Were the WAP54G access points wired to your network, or connected to a PC with an Ethernet cable, when you tried to update the firmware? You should also have reset the setting to factory defaults before the firmware upgrade.
  3. focalpoint

    focalpoint Network Guru Member

    no update

    Sorry no reply from anyone for soo long I tryrf all sorts of things and found that the internet exporer was the problem. Put firefox on and the firm ware updated. Thanks anyway.
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