Wap54g version 3 firmware (transmit power = 251 mw)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by koshomollo, May 21, 2006.

  1. koshomollo

    koshomollo LI Guru Member

    i need any hacked firmware that supports [wap54g version 3]

    that supports increasing power to 251 mw

    i found 2 fimwares hacked that can increase the transmit power to

    84 mw and 100 mw

    but i need to increase the tx pwr to 251 mw

    any one can help me .... or advice me with a tested fimware that

    can do this thing .... ,,,

    the firmware i already use now doesn`t give permission to increase tx power more than 84 mw !!!!!!

    i know a way to by using line command to increase it but it must be with telnet of ssh

    unfotunatily .... the firmware i `m using now doesn`t support telnet ir ssh ...

    i`m now using hyperwap v1.0c


    it`s working good with all wap54g "hadware version 3"

    i`m already using it now but i need to increase the tx power

    more than 84mw

    plz any advice or help or firmware
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly welcome to the website. i have deleted the other 2 messages you posted as they duplicates.

    Are you able to telnet to the WAP on any firmware? If so you should be able to set the power level higher. A number of programmers decided to no allow over 100mW in the GUI of the firmwares since it is then breaking the law in most countries. however you maybe able to set the limit higher within the telnet shell and using the wl command.

    The WAP was in most countries, more expensive than the WRT54G at the time, and so most users went for the WRT as 3rd party firmwares allow for the router to become a WAP anyway.

    good luck with your search for a firmware, however i guess you'll be limited to what you can use. unless of course you compile the hyperwap firmware yourself with the gui to allow 251mW
  3. koshomollo

    koshomollo LI Guru Member

    Wap54g with hardware version 3

    i`m sorry for annoying ur forum

    the firmware i`m using now doesn`t suuport telnet or ssh

    i tired more time


    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>telnet
    Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23:
    Connect failed


    soo ,, i can excute the command that increase the tx power

    on the other hand .. i do`nt know how to compile a fimware
    with my private changes

    plz if u have a tested and compiled one send me it .. if not

    plz refer to how to edit and compile my private firmware that works

    with wap54g version 3 ???

    and thank u for ur attention
  4. koshomollo

    koshomollo LI Guru Member

    plz if any one can help me ????

    firmware supports 251 mw for wap54g version 3
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