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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Herman, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Herman

    Herman Network Guru Member

    Just wanted to put a link to something that, had I known this, could have avoided alot of grief initially in trying to figure out what to buy for starter wireless in my home.

    Linksys Info Post: WAP54G vs WRT54G

    I was only trying to get my XBOX up on the net, as I was tired of running ethernet cable across the house everytime I wanted to play. I needed something to start with, but saw that everything for 54G was about the same price, $100, including the Microsoft XBOX "bridge".

    I then decided to get the WAP54G for a client and the WRT54GS for AP only to get the best flexability. I know now I should probably have just gotten two WRT54GS.

    I was also worried about new things comming out, like the WET54GS5.

    But with the open ended firmware options that seem to be around, and untill the radios really improve or change (like get 200-500mbit)... I think I'll opt for getting WRTs from now on, which has all the stuff in one box: two wired ethernet adapters, one wireless ethernet adapter, routing, and a four port switch.

    I dont see needing anything else for bridges and APs. Might even skip wireless cards in non-mobile cases and get a WRT instead, if the computer or device already has ethernet.

    Anyone have other thoughts?
  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Regarding the WET54GS5 - I would hold of on getting one of these. Its going to be priced at twice the cost of the WRT54GS and does not support SpeedBooster, the S5 stands for 5 port switch.

    The WRT54G/GS firmware by Sveasoft has options that allow you do to the exact same thing as the WET54GS5. The WRT54G has a 5 port switch built in that can be used to serve 5 wired clients, and when put into wireless client mode, will act the same as any other wireless ethernet bridge product or in this case a 5 port one.

    I personally would not be suprised to find that this may have near identical hardware to the WRT54G in a new body and firmware customized to support the 5 wired clients in wireless bridge mode.
  3. Herman

    Herman Network Guru Member

    Ya, I think I had already decided to skip it.

    Also, the only reason I even considered it originally is because I origially thought it would be the only way I could get a client/bridge with a switch in one unit, and originally thought it would have speedboost (which may or may not do much), that the WAP did not.

    Funny how my whole world can get blown away in only a few days. :)


    The interesting things about it as I understood:

    1) Appearance
    Nice smaller metal box only one antinae to finally go with the one radio

    2) Per port virtual subnets (VLANS)
    I'm not sure what it really means hardware wise after getting "great" firmware, but here is my guess pulled right out of my butt (and where I think the cost went): This might imply per-port adapters so you would get something like modern managed switch/router functionally in a cheap device. Some people who would prefer all-in-one-box routing for more than two subnets but cant afford the real deal might think its the greatest thing since sliced bread.


    Can the WRT firmware currently do all the same bridging as the WAP and WET models should I decide to get that fancy? Why would anyone use the "bridge" over just a client? Does bridging simply mean both wirless APs only talk to other APs?
  4. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Here's a post that has info on VLANs - Its possible on the WRT54G with Sveasoft's firmware -



    I used my WRT54GS to act as a bridge when my little brother came home from college and was staying at my parent's house to connect his computer located in the basement to the wireless network. It worked pretty well. Bridging can mean a couple of things:

    It can mean either bridging a wired ethernet connection to a wireless connection, essentially acting as a wireless adapter for that computer. Except the computer still thinks its connected via wire

    LAN---AP--> <---Bridge--Ethernet Client

    Second, it can mean a point to point link such as if you were using 1 AP to connect to a 2nd AP that was linked to a switch that contained another segment of LAN. that is ----- LAN1 ---> AP <-------> AP <--- LAN segment2

    So, with all the great work done on the firmware, yes, pretty much everything available in the APs and WETs should be available in the WRTs

    Jim :-D
  5. unipainter

    unipainter Guest

    More of the same wrt54gs VS wap54gs

    I just bought a wrt54gs. but am wondering if i should have bought the WAP54gs. the wap54gs does 256bit encryption unlike the wrt that only does 128.

    I did buy the wrt54gs for firmware the hacks and that it has 32 meg ram with a 200mhz cpu.

    does the wap54gs have better hardware?

    Can the wrt54gs do 256 bit.

    does the 3rd part software support the higher encrytion?

    i may just return it and stick with what i have (bef11s4 v4) unitl i can figure out wich one to get. speed of transfers is not as important as security, but learning from moding is also very important in my purchase. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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