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    I got a WAP54G version 1 connected to a Cisco router and would like to extend the wireless signal with a WRE54G.

    cisco router - cisco switch - wap54g -------------wre54g

    WAP54G is set as Access point but I'm having problems with this setup.

    I push auto-config on the WRE54G and it grabs the WAP54G's SSID and Mac Address.

    That's fine.

    So on my MacStumbler I see:

    -> ssid-test / channel -7 - wap54g
    -> ssid-test / channel-7 - wre54g

    But although I can connect to wre54g I don't receive any IP from my dhcpserver. When I turn wre54g off and connect to wap54g I'm able to get an IP and surf.

    I know that's pretty basic and I'm probably doing something stupid but anyways, if someone could help me, I'd appreciate it.

    I upgraded the firmware to the newest one (for version 1.0 - I think it's 2.0.7 if im not mistaken)


    ps.: WEP is disable ...
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