WAP54G & WRV200 VPN Connection w/ Vista

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nheimler, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. nheimler

    nheimler LI Guru Member

    Does anyone know where the 3rd party firmware went for the WAP54G unit from the following page?


    When I click to download it bring me to a page stating I need Winzip, but nothing to download.

    The reason I'm looking for this is because I'm curious to see (wanted to see the change log file first) if the problem I'm having with my other unit WRV200 that I'm connecting in to with Vista using my wireless connection is due some some incompatibilities with the WAP54G unit. I hope that all just made sense. :) Unfortunately, I don't have another WAP on the end point to test to see if its the WAP54G unit or not. I'm up to the latest beta version for the WRV200 unit, so I can connect with Vista no,; however, I can only connect using a wired connection, I cannot connect going through the WAP54G AP I have in place. When I can get my hands on another WAP I will know for sure to rule out whether or not that is what's causing it, but for now I was just looking for other options as well.

  2. nheimler

    nheimler LI Guru Member

    Anything new on this that someone could provide answers to? Does anyone know if Linksys/Cisco is looking into this issue? This is getting very frustrating that this seems to go unanswered. Is Linksys ignoring us so we are forced to buy the $800+ model of the Cisco equivalent? :) I have confirmed that it is not an issue with going through the WAP54G model, so it looks to be wireless in general. Again this works fine on a wired connection and it worked fine in XP when I had XP installed on this same laptop.
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