wap54gpe as a repeater

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Megablast, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Megablast

    Megablast Network Guru Member

    Seems that there is a serious problem with the wap54gpe in repeater mode. After some activity on the client side of the repeater, the wap54gpe stops responding. The client is a wusb from Linksys so there is no way that it should not be compatible. The AP side is a wap54gpe as well so yet no compatibility problem.

    On idle, both repeater and client are ok with a ping or arping, flood, they are constantly answering back but when a download or traffic starts, the repeater wents down (not instantly but after a short while) then wents up back and again and again.

    Has anyone encountered the same problem? Has anyone any idea?
    My guess is that Linksys is again testing our nerves with a beta version but this time we are talking about some hundred dollar device.

  2. jafn82

    jafn82 LI Guru Member

    Are you using security features wep or wap?, linksys products get a little tricky with this stuff, if yes try to change the type of encryption, it might help
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