WAP54GPE Exterior AP Non-standard connector

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tuckerssb, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. tuckerssb

    tuckerssb Network Guru Member

    I just took delivery of a WAP54GPE, the new exterior AP.
    This unit has a connector for attaching an exterior antenna. The connector is listed as a N-type Male.

    This in and of itself is unusual since most bulkhead N type connectors are Female.

    And, it is not actually a standard N Male connector. The reason most bulkhead N connectors are female is that they have external fixed threads as opposed to the rotatable barrel with inside threads on a norm N Male.

    The wap54gpe bulkhead connector has a center male pin and fixed outside threads !! Try and find a mating Female connector for this. It isn't sold anywhere!!

    I suspect LinkSys may be coming out with a directly attachable exterio antenna, with the compementary non-standard fema;e connector needed.

    In the meantime, my project is screwed !!

  2. Megablast

    Megablast Network Guru Member

    I had the very same problem. Was solved buying N pairs and changed the pin in the N-male one.
    My opinion is that Linksys is going slightly crazy or they simply are opressed by Cisco and they stopped thinking :)
  3. Maxime

    Maxime Network Guru Member

    So if I understand, the connector on the WAP54GE is actualy a RP N-Female connector, is that correct?
    The thread being on the outside, it's a Female connector. The center being a pin, it's a reverse polarity connector (RP).
    My question : is it really a pin at the center like on this photo?

  4. kantzow

    kantzow LI Guru Member

    That's correct, it's complete lunacy! 8O

    Why would there be standars in this industry? So people can utilize their equipment to it's best purpose, now I bought three of these because it's ability to have external antennas as well.

    Waste of money..
  5. megablaster

    megablaster Network Guru Member

    You have to buy a pair of connectors and then change pins, it is the only way to solve the problem. It is twice the price. After that you will discover other nice and interesting surprises from Linksys that will make you wanna scream.
  6. electric

    electric Network Guru Member

    Yup, I subscribe :D
    Such surprises include instable operations in noisy environments (aka poor receiver sensitivity/selectivity)

  7. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

  8. cbunting

    cbunting Network Guru Member

    It is in-fact a reverse polarity N connector. Linksys will tell you "oh yeah, I guess that's wrong in the spec sheet" when you ask them about it.

    Take my advice, stay away from the wap54gpe, they are total junk. They leak water after a few weeks, the lan connectors corrode. Not only that, these things suffer horrible problems with packet loss, and need rebooted quite often.... If you want to be a guinny pig, go ahead, but be forwarned.

    We are trying to get our money back on the 7 we have now, 2 of them already died on us, and the rest function terribly.
  9. reagan

    reagan Guest


    The post from SVG1 is incorrect.

    The WAP54GPE model has an RP-N MALE connector for the external antenna.

    I just purchased 2 of these for my two models:


    What this gives you is a reverse polarity N male connector to plug in to the Linksys device, and returns a standard N male connector on the other end (like how the device should have came).

    What a headache, I hope these things are worth all of this trouble.
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