WAP54GPE issue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kantzow, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. kantzow

    kantzow LI Guru Member

    Have anybody experienced problems with these access points? I keep having problems with WLAN <-> LAN connectivity. I get associated with the AP but it does not reply to any traffic sent to it.
  2. Rick_G

    Rick_G LI Guru Member


    See my other post on this board, as well as any other board I could find.
  3. Rick_G

    Rick_G LI Guru Member


    What is your setup?

  4. megablaster

    megablaster Network Guru Member

    You will have plenty of problems. What I suspect is about the receiver front end, it is a weak receiver. If you plan to use it in some sort of sectorial solution with pannel antennas, they will reciprocically smash their receivers. Or if you plan to use them in an urban environment with lots of 2.4GHz noises, they will become deaf and will not be able to handle clients.
    The antenna switch is a mess (the pin connector acts like a piston and will switch the internal antenna when a cable is attached).
    It is a shame.
    The Linksys support is a shame, I told them about these real issues and they got back with setup procedures (you know, the abc of wireless). After paying some thousand bucks to buy their product...Well guys, we didn't buy it to make r&d for Linksys, we did buy it to solve some business problems...
  5. kantzow

    kantzow LI Guru Member

    Yeah well my probles contiune, I've decided to go with other solutions, either WAP54G or DWL-7100 (D-Link) in a enclosure. This product is bare shit.

    This is what happens to my network.

    I turn on my laptop, it assossicates with the WAP54G that i have inside, traffic flows good and correct. Then I take the laptop walking outside where the WAP54GPE is, my inhouse signal pretty much fades outside the door so I see the laptop "roaming" to the WAP54GPE (Ch. 11) instead of the inhouse one (Ch. 1). Now WOW, Exellente signal strength, BUT no traffic is forwarded from the AP to the LAN. Since I was assigned a DHCP IP with 1 hour before expiry I have an IP set on the laptop, now what I can do is access the WAP54GPE webinterface, ping it etc. but no traffic sent to the LAN will get through.

    Now if I disable the WLAN adapter on the laptop and power cycle the WAP54GPE, then reenable the WLAN adapter, it will assossiate and work fine, traffic is sent through the WAP54GPE onto the LAN. I now walk inside, the outside signal drops and the laptop "roams" to the inhouse WAP54G, signal is exellente and traffic flow without issues through the WAP54G after the "roaming" has occured.

    So bottom line is the WAP54GPE will not roam to the WAP54G, but if I'm out side first and assossiate with the WAP54GPE then the WAP54G will take over with no hassle..

    Conclusion: WTF!!!
  6. Pitate

    Pitate LI Guru Member

    You try to put in the same channel both???

    Regards :thumbup:
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