WAP54GPE - Packet loss

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by socalgk, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. socalgk

    socalgk Guest

    Like a few other posts, I am experiencing severe packet loss during data transmission using these WAPs in Bridge mode. With or without encryption, I am losing packets to the point of painfully slow transmission rates or complete loss of data stream.

    Has anybody found a solution to this issue? I've tried changing fragmentation size, transmission channels, and encryption.

    I'd be appreciative of any experience with this issue.
  2. cbunting

    cbunting Network Guru Member

    Take my advice, stay away from the wap54gpe, they are total junk. They leak water after a few weeks, the lan connectors corrode. Not only that, these things suffer horrible problems with packet loss, and need rebooted quite often.... If you want to be a guinny pig, go ahead, but be forwarned.

    Cisco was never able to solve our packet loss problem, they wanted to do testing and more testing, shooting in the dark, claiming it was our network layout. which I didn't have time to beta test their product for them.

    We are trying to get our money back on the 7 we have now, 2 of them already died on us, and the rest function terribly.
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