WAP54Gv2 And distance more than 3 km.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by taf, May 29, 2005.

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    Is available: WAP54Gv2 (firmware 2.07 MustDie 1) as AP, two clients on distance ~1km (CISCO WGB-350) and ~8.5km (CISCO WGB-350).

    The first client works is simply remarkable, the second which is removed on 8km, cannot be connected to AP under any conditions (sometimes it sees AP, but data transmission do not occur). Tried to put instead of WGB-350 equipment Z-com IX-1500, the situation has not changed. Nobody faced a similar problem?

    I had a suspicion, that firmware at WAP54G is appropriated too small value ACK because of what steady communication is possible on distances no more 3km. Therefore at me a question: where in source codes it is possible to appoint other value ACK? In release/src/include/proto/802.11.h I have found such definition:

    /* Ack Policy (0 means Acknowledge) */
    #define QOS_ACK_SHIFT 5
    #define QOS_ACK_MASK 0x0060
    #define QOS_ACK(qos) (((qos) & QOS_ACK_MASK) >> QOS_ACK_SHIFT)

    If value ACK is defined here, as I can increase this value even three times to provide communication on distance nearby 10-11km?
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