wap54gv3, bugs or brick?

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by Agustinb, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Agustinb

    Agustinb Network Guru Member

    Hello felows.

    I uploded an old firmware for the wap54g 2.08, and my wap54 v3 died.

    I follow some advices here, and I shot pins 15 16, powering on the device and I tftp firmware 3.03 downloaded from linksys.

    I could access de web configuration page, but the device didnt work ok with my wrt54gs (v4) (nor as bridge or repeater, or aP) I had the router working as DHCP.

    Proving some changes to make them work I decided to let my wrt54gs to give an ip to the device, and change the static ip on the wap54gv3...

    ... and that's the last time I could so it on the web page.

    I did the process or shorting pins 15 16 and after I can ping the device on ip, and sometimes I can see it's SSID on some wireless network adapters when I power OFF and on again(the SSID it had before the firmware upgrade even...)

    The problem is I can't access via web to it and If I turn off the power or try to tftp a firmware again, IT looses al contact...

    Some more background...
    The three leds are ok, but after reseting by shorting the pins, the green light doesn't work (wireless activity) and I have Ip and I can ping it. If I unplug the device and turn it On again, the green light start blinking, and i can see SSID on the wireless adapter of my notebook, but no ip, and no way to ping it or configure it.

    Wierd, doesnt it?

    Other wierd things: reset doesn't work, and the white (cisco logo light) doesn't work either... they worked before the ip change.

    Is there anything I can do to get it back and continue trying to make it work?

    I can say on my favor that before configuring dynamic Ip, I could make my notebook to access the wap but it had no internet, but the thing was working...

    please help... oh I forgot, I asked linksys for the 3.01 firmware but they say they didn't have it on the ftp, maybe if somebody could email me I could try with that firmware... (agustindiez arroba terra dot cl)


    Agustin B.

    pd: Pardon my english, it's not my natural lenguage.
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