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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by drick, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. drick

    drick Network Guru Member


    i'm looking to upgrade my 3 wap54g's (1ap, 1 bridge, and 1 repeater) to the new wap54gx's. has anyone actually gotten and installed one of these yet? if so, i have a few questions about them.

    1. do they support the linksys hga7t antennae? if not, is there something else that is equivalent?
    2. is the range & speed actually significantly better than the wap54g (i use wpa, g band only, and have speedbooster turned on)?
  2. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    I've purchased a WAP54GX. First off, the unit doesn't support client, repeater, or bridge modes. Currently, it only runs in AP mode. I've contacted Linksys about the WAP54GX supporting the other modes -- the customer service rep said that he has heard nothing about support for the other modes.

    I will say this -- a WAP54G in client mode has no problem connecting to the WAP54GX.

    As for your questions:

    1. The HGA7T antennas will not work unless you purchase a SMA -> RTNC converter. The WAP54G uses two RTNC antennas. The WAP54GX uses three SMA antennas.

    2. My experience with the unit so far has been great. Please read my post here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=8445
  3. drick

    drick Network Guru Member

    is there a firmware hack that will get around this?

    if the unit uses sma antennas, then would the hga7s extenders work?

    how much range do you get? i need to get 2000 ft, through a single story home, and have some concerns about a single unit.
  4. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    As far as I know, a firmware hack hasn't been released. Yes, the HGA7S antenna will work. In fact, I ordered some to try and improve the speed of my wireless network. I'll post my findings when they arrive.

    Right now my brother and I have our networks connected using my WAP54GX and his WAP54G. Last night, I connected a BA24j amplifier and a Cantenna to the WAP54G and pointed it to my house. It increased the signal from 20% to 27%. The signal is going through a forest of trees, so there may not be much more room for improvement unless we start knocking down trees.

    Do you mean 2,000sq ft? I'm thinking it would cover a 2,000sq ft single story home, but there's so many factors that come into play (outside interference, material used in the home, etc.), don't hold me to anything. Only way to know for sure is to give it a try.
  5. drick

    drick Network Guru Member

    please post when the new antennae come in, i'm curious to see what the difference is.w

    yes 2000 sq ft (from one end of my house to the other).
  6. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    The antennas should be in later this week. In the meantime, I wanted to add -- I live in a 2 story house which is about 2800sq ft. The WAP54GX covers my house with no problem at all. Even in the garage, which is brick, the signal is still strong at 53%, but in the rest of the house, the signal hovers between 80%-100%.

    I know with my old WAP54G (without the amplifier), the signal would die completely in my garage. Once I added the BA24j amplifier to the WAP54G, the signal in the garage was 25%.

    I'm very impressed with the WAP54GX. I'll post what I find when the high gain antennas come in.
  7. LordFlux

    LordFlux Network Guru Member

    The HGA7S antennas arrived today. I see a small improvement in link quality/signal, but not enough to say that it's worth the price (about a 5% overall, but no improvement in the garage or the difficult spots outside). You should be fine with the antennas that come with the WAP54GX unit.
  8. drick

    drick Network Guru Member

    i'm sure this is a dumb question, but just to make sure. you replaced all 3 antennae and only got a 5% improvement?

    wow, not very good.
  9. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The high-gain antennas, go not increase the total power from the unit. If they have the same SWR (i.e. standing wave ratio), thye just redistribute the signal. The signal from a omni-directional antenna is like a torus(i.e. donut shape object) the high gain antenna flatten the torus increasing the apparent signal perpendicular to the axis of the antenna and decreasing the signal on tha axis of the antenna. High-gain antenna are not usually a good buy. Directional antennas are usually a better buy.
  10. drick

    drick Network Guru Member

    any suggestions on a directional antenna that will fit the wap54gx?
  11. drick

    drick Network Guru Member

    hmm, what can i get that supports SRX then to replace the client / repeaters? currently all of the wap54g's i have are v2, and they all have the hga7 antennaes. i still get frequent signal drops, and the performance is not real great
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