WAP54GX VPN client issues

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by edufur, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. edufur

    edufur Network Guru Member

    I need help. Those tech support folks don't seem to be much help. I have a WAP54GX WAP that works fine until I try to use my VPN client software to get into work. I know the problem is not in my software since it works across a different WAP and it also works when wired. What I dont understand, is what the heck is the WAP54GX doing to molest the data packets in such a way that my VPN client fails? The strange thing is, this is a WAP only... not a DHCP server, not a switch, not a gateway... nothing. And like i said, it works fine as long as I am not using it to VPN into work. The VPN client is IPSEC based. Anyone else have any issues with that?
  2. Fulien

    Fulien LI Guru Member

    Hey Edufur, You are not alone. I thought i am the only one who found the issue in the WAP. Like you sai the tech Support people were not help at all, they just keep aggrivating me more and more. However after week of talking to different technitian everyday i reach as far as Linksys sending me a Beta Firmware to try on the WAP.

    I got the Beta firmware which indicates that it is v 2.0.00 Beta, however when i upgraded it the WAP web panel shows 1.17(jump from 1.16) Supprisingly it worked. when i upgraded using the beta.. my VPN Client started to establish n connect to the VPN sources properly. However the bad news is.. it flawed than anything else.. i cant connect to any local Network resources with the Beta firmware. None at all. but time to time one or two comps may come available. sigh

    I am wondering if there arent any 3rd party firmware available for the WAP54GX v1

    Have you come accross any solutions yet?

    BTW i am using the Cisco VPN Client. Which client you using?
  3. drussell

    drussell Network Guru Member

    Hey Guys,

    I have the same problem except my firmware is 1.17, bought the unit last week. I can connect the Cisco VPN client, but have no access to any of network resources, can't ping to the SAP server, can do SAP, can't do email. Internet is workable.

    Of now, the unit seems to be useless. It can't be set as repeater or bridge as well.

    I am also searching for 3rd party firmware, if you have any luck, please inform me as well. My email address is drussell68@yahoo.com.sg
  4. Fulien

    Fulien LI Guru Member



    So your WAP came with the firmware version 1.17? and you can connect to your vpns through Cisco VPN Clients? If thats the case.. then you are saying you cant connect to any of your local network resources after or before you connect to your vpns?

    If its after, then its normal as your are not able to see your local network after connecting to a VPN through cisco vpn client..

    If its before.. i had the same problem when i upgraded to Firmware 1.17 from a Beta firmware linksys gave me.

    so which one of those are you experiancing? and btw have you found any other 3rd-party firmware to address this issue?

    Thank you
  5. drussell

    drussell Network Guru Member

    hey Fulien,

    Yes, the WAP comes with 1.17 firmware.

    I can connect Cisco VPN Client successfully. It says connected and the yellow lock icon stays in the right hand bottom windows task bar.

    Looking at the Cisco VPN Statistics and I even can see my office PIX assigned a IP to me.

    BUT I can't ping any internal resources.

    Connected through my router via LAN, VPN ok, also can ping to internal servers.

    My Connection is as follow;

    PC -----> WAP54GX -----> Cisco 857 --------> PIX515 ------> SERVER.

    Any luck with your Beta firmware?
  6. drussell

    drussell Network Guru Member

    BTW, PPTP works fine, so I am now using PPTP instead.
  7. drussell

    drussell Network Guru Member

    Some updates,

    I have disabled ip inspection in my Cisco router last night. Will try again see if the WAP54GX works with Cisco client.

    Will keep u guys updated.

  8. seadoo

    seadoo LI Guru Member

    If any of you are running the WAP54GX with version 1.16, everything works except you cant vpn, if you are running 1.17 beta firmware, there is a glitch in the firmware. try this to confirm the glitch, reset the wap to it default ip address of - - Dont worry about them being out of your network ip range. i bet you will be able to vpn plus surf the net and see you local resources at the same time. If you change the wap's ip address to match your network, then you will still be able to vpn, but then you will loose the ability to see internal resources. They have a problem with the WAP not passing the DNS ip onto the wireless clients. To test that theroy, I had set one of my wireless laptops with a static dns ip, and i was able to do everything, but then the accesspoint 1.17 firmware was not stable and it was locking up, so i reverted back to 1.16. It is defently a problem with the WAP and not our setups. IM a MCSE and I have been maintaining my company system for 10 years now.
  9. edufur

    edufur Network Guru Member


    so what the heck... the 1.16 firmware is almost 2 years old now and they know about this problem but they wont update the darn thing? what kind of quality is that? i am still suffering with this problem.
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