WAP54GX: Won't allow setting of WPA2-Enterprise parameters

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Bonthron, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Bonthron

    Bonthron LI Guru Member

    I've configured this AP with all the other required settings but I am unable to properly setup the WPA2-Enterprise parameters. Every time I enter the proper RADIUS server IP and port and then press the save setting button in the Web config interface, the device reboots and returns with a completely different IP and port. What I enter is with port 1812, but what comes back after the save is with port 17016!

    A theory is that in hexadecimal is 0x61766500. Convert that to ASCII, and you get "ave\0". I think that when the HTTP POST is being sent back from the browser to the Linksys, instead of setting the IP address from the IP address HTML form entry, it's setting it from the save button form entry (the text of which is "Save Settings").

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? I was hoping that this device had a CLI I could telnet into but am out of luck there. I've also tried numerous other browsers on a few other OS's and that didn't work either.
  2. Bonthron

    Bonthron LI Guru Member


    So it turns out that the WAP54GX needs to be able to connect to the RADIUS server upon saving the configuration. I was trying to configure these APs off my network and that was the problem. Stupid really... me, and the fact that these can't be configured securely.
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