WAP64G ver 1.0 firmware problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2006.

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    Anonymous Guest

    I just purchased a WAP64G which turned out to be version 1.0 - it has the 7 lights on the front (rather than the three). The latest release is version 3. I went to the Linksys download site and for version 1.0, the latest firmware release is version 3.04. I updated the firmare and had nothing but trouble.

    My wireless network would work fine for a little while, then I would loose my connection. The AP would stop responding after several minutes of intermitent connections. I could not even access the unit from a Web Browser on the wired side of my network. I would have to cycle the power.

    I have tried everything, but finally had to downgrade the firmware to version 1.08.04. The unit seems more stable. I just want to know if others have had similar experiences and if there is any way to get the latest firmware to work with a version 1.0 unit?
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