Warning WAP54GPE spec's in error

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tuckerssb, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. tuckerssb

    tuckerssb Network Guru Member

    The newly released WAP54GPE specifies that the external antenna connector is a N Male. This is inaccurate, it is a RP-N Male. This means you have to fabricate a special cable or use a pigtail (http://sharperconcepts.zoovy.com/product/YSC-CA-RNPNMF002) to convert from RP-N to N for connection to a standard LMR NF/NM cable. Normal Regular N Type do not use a male bulkhead connector, they use a female.

    Also, the only way to power the unit is via POE and built-in POE splitter. The package does not provide a POE injector. LinkSys advises you either connect to a POE compliant switch/router or purchase the WAPPOE12 injector/splitter pair (and throw away the splitter :<)). The only LinkSys switch or router complying with POE is the Srw224P.

    First item cost me project delays and $$ in new cables or pigtails. Second item is and inconvenience which LS's marketing could have solved by packaging an injector optionally in one of the WAP54GPE models.

  2. Maxime

    Maxime Network Guru Member

  3. jafn82

    jafn82 LI Guru Member

    It cost me some bucks as well, I am talking about this issue about the N-male connector, I should say that the linksys live chat is really poor, I chat with two so call supporters from linksys and they repeatedly told me stuff like that the conector of the wap54gpe is TNC, or RP-TNC and N-type TNC, WTF?, are this people getting crazy! or are we?, I just bought two pigtails RP-N -PLUG to N-male, not cheap by the way i hope they work!
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