WCF12 not working in DELL Axim X5

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by PAINE, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. PAINE

    PAINE Network Guru Member

    I am having trouble getting my Dell Axim X5 to connect to my Linksys WRT54GS broadband router utilizing my linksys WCF12 wireless card.

    I have contacted linksys support, exchanged for a new card, downloaded and cleanly installed the updated driver.

    I get a blinking green light on the CF card, very sporadic indications on the Dell that it sees the network, then the card stops flashing.

    can anyone advise?
  2. msmandel

    msmandel Guest

    not a fix but...

    I just started to have the exact same problem with my Dell Axim X5 and WCF12 card. I hardly ever use the card but decided to take the setup with me on a trip to Scandinavia thinking that the hotels would be wirless and I could peck out emails without waiting for the public computer. When I installed the card it went on normally, I checked to see if hotmail would come on. It did and I was able to read some mail. Then the status light flickered out and no matter what I do ( and I did everything I could think of short of buying another card) I can't get it to turn on again. The on;ly thing I haven't done is to completely reset the Dell for fear thiat I would lose valuable GPS data and not be able to retrieve it. I've wasted about six hours of my life on this already. I don't want to buy another card yet for fear it still won't work. If you should come up with an easy fix please let me know. Until then I'm commiserating with you. :thumbdown:

    Good luck
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