wcg 200 Mysterious firmware update

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by infernus1986, May 30, 2006.

  1. infernus1986

    infernus1986 LI Guru Member

    ok i know this sounds crazy but im not i have a wcg 200 gateway and some how 2 weeks ago my firmware mysteriously updated itself crazy right well i called comcast they said they did not do it even after 15 minuets of me telling them well it just don't do it on its own and linksys sure as hell cant do it BUT they do flash there versions of the wcg 200 that they rent out with there own firmware but they tell me as i am well aware of that if this was somehow the case i would have comcast logo's and crap all over the administration pages which i don't then i called linksys who assured me they didn't do it since they have no way of accessing my gateway, duh but they did provide me with the version of the retail firmware which it should have which would be which is which looks about right to what it used to be before 2 weeks ago now i somehow have Firmware Version: i didn't manually upgrade it since there is no firmware for it ever since this mystery upgrade ive been having problems only good thing it did was give me some more wireless security settings and modem logs more control over firewall and blocking fragment packets and such and now i get an open nat on my xbox 360 anyone want to attempt to explain how this happened :help:

    btw the problems are as follows some how even tho firmware has nothing to do with the actually modem now its having problems keeping the signal locked port forwarding is now even more fussy meaning sometimes it works sometimes it don't not to mention everything acts retarded when the wireless is turned on and i did go through and check all my settings they are the same as they where before oh and the best part comcast is gonna send out at tech to diagnose the signal problem. im gonna demand that they find away to give me my old firmware back or pay me the cost of the gateway since they made it more of a pos even tho they swear they didn't like i said to the comcast rep, "oh i guess someone hacked my gateway and messed with the firmware just to piss me off since u swear it wasn't comcast who changed it when comcast is the only way i can come up with that it could be done
  2. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    There's no reason you cant flash the older firmware back on the router. If its causing so much trouble, just put it back. Then disable remote management.
  3. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

    Your firmware was upgraded via linksys remote update . Linksys has inserted code into some of their firmware which automatically checks & updates your firmware .

    The wrv54g has this auto update feature but i have never heard of anyone till now being updated remotely .

    Heres some of the config settings for the wrv54g , notice the auto update line in the code .


    I edited my config file to not update remotely by changing the wan upgrade type to (0) along with the check interval .

    If you want to disable auto update just download your routers config file , open the file with notepad & look for the rmt_upd entry & change the values to (0).
  4. infernus1986

    infernus1986 LI Guru Member

    ok but heres the problem there is no firmware avaliable for the wcg 200 and also no remote update that i know of if someone could figure out how to get the firmware off there wcg200 i could posably flash it back but i dont think the wcg200 has tftp support
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