WCG200 Dropped Wireless Signal Issue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Noggin, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Noggin

    Noggin Network Guru Member

    Any ideas on the following?

    Every once in a while the wireless signal seems to drop. I try to use the "Search for Wireless Signal" and it can not find my signal from 2 feet away. The ethernet works cord works at that time, but no wireless signal. The wireless signal light is on, but my laptop still can not connect.

    Then all of a sudden, I boot up again hours later, and it works without even touching the router.

    I m not sure if my computer is not picking up the signal or if the router is not sending it.

    Suring the time that it does not work, I can NOT get into the router Admin site via MS Explorer

    Any help????
  2. yaren11

    yaren11 Guest

    I have same problem.
    I tried 1.03.0B4 firmware but the result is same.
  3. groovykool

    groovykool Network Guru Member

    Where did you get firmware for the WCG200?
  4. ibrow

    ibrow Guest

    WCG200 Wireless Issue

    I have the same problem. I used range extenders, 7dbi antennas and exchanged my router. It still does the same thing, I ended up disabling the wireless and connecting a WAP to the the router and the WAP is working perfectly. There must be some issue with these modem/routers. I have 2 that did the same thing, my buddy got one and is reporting the same problem :thumbdown:
  5. IMOG

    IMOG Guest

    What makes you assume its the router... If reboot resolves it, then shouldn't that nudge you towards looking somewhere else? ;) Hint: THE NIC!

    You might try updating your NIC drivers. I have the same problem and I do happen to also have a wcg200. I'm fairly sure that it isn't the fault of the router though, unless its sending packets which cause the NIC to fail... Next time you have this problem right click on the wireless icon in the taskbar tray by the clock in the bottom right and select repair. This will disable/re-enable your wireless adapter, renew the IP, clear the cache, and your wireless will begin working again within about 10 seconds... Quicker than a full restart and less disruptive to what your doing. I haven't tried updating any drivers yet, but chances are that might be a solution.

    I'm using a Linksys wireless G PCI adapter v4.0, on driver version This happens regardless of data throughput... I can put 30 GB through my connection in under 24 hours, or I can leave it sit idle for a whole day, and it has no effect on the probability of losing my wireless connection. I'm upgrading to driver v. which came out in May of this year currently, so if you'd like to know if this resolved my issue, send an email to my public address here and I will respond with an update... I doubt I will wonder back here.
  6. Puck

    Puck Guest

    Wow!... same issue

    I've been going insane w/this! I have a WRT54G wireless router and 2 wireless laptops using it, one a Dell/Win2K/WPC11 vrsn 2 and the other is a Compaq/WinXP Home/WPC54G vrsn 2.

    The Compaq can not keep a connection to save its life! Constant drops, the network is not seen, or it is seen but it cannot access the internet! So frustrating... I have reinstalled everything, had a professional do the same, it worked great for a couple of weeks, then the drops crept back until it couldn't be used.

    I also have a WPC11 v1 (updated XP drivers used) that works better than the WPC54G card in the Compaq! Go figure... but it still experiences MANY drops. The RESCAN sometimes picks up the signal again but often it remains incommunicado.

    I've gone so far as to install the High Gain Antennas in the WRT54G but that had no effect.

    The Dell on the other hand has ZERO (0) problems!! I can take it anywhere in the house -- no problem! Never a drop!

    I'm very frustrated and wondering if it is Win XP.

    Incidentally, the REPAIR on XP does not work -- in our case.

    Need help/insight!!
    Thanks for the rant!!!!!
  7. durancd

    durancd Network Guru Member

    WCG200 Problems

    I have the same symptom. I have a WCG200 V2 and from the minute I put it into operation, wireless connections were sporadically dropping...even from two feet in front of the damn thing. I went and disabled wireless, hooked up my trusty Cisco AP350, and that AP never drops connections. Unfortunately I'm back with 802.11B. Linksys tech support was of no help--in fact their website does not even work tonight (1/3/2006). Now what? Guess I can take it back what what a pain in the butt. BTW, it is not a NIC driver issue.
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