WCG200v2 + WRT54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jeremy_johnson, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. I'm trying to get these two to cooperate.

    wcg200v2, just out of the box
    wrt54g running satori 2.something

    I need the WCG200v2 to operate as a normal cable modem, without routing or wireless. (I'll explain why later)

    I turned off the wireless, and have the ethernet working without any problems. But when I disable routing, I can't access the internet. My ISP is Cox Communications. I *thought* that with routing (and thus dhcp) turned off on the cable modem, I could ask Cox, via the modem, for one IP address, that would operate on another device. (the 54g, actually, but I can't get a public IP from them on a normal PC either)

    It seems that the cable company is only allowing the public IP to go on the wcg200. Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?

    The object is to get the public IP on the 54g and not on the wcg200. I know, I need to just get a straight cable modem without a router built in, but this is what I have. I want the public IP on the 54g because I'm going to run neighbornode firmware on that device, so everything will connect to it. (that's why I disabled wireless on the wcg.) I don't want everything to be natted twice, which it would be if I were to just let the outside nic on the 54g have a private address with a gateway on the wcg200.

    What I've tried:

    Disable routing (and wireless) on the wcg200. The device reports that network access is "allowed" but with no address.

    Ask for an IP (via dhcp) from two laptops and the 54g, connected to one of the ethernet (lan) ports on the wcg, one at a time, of course. None of the devices were given an IP. I can still access the web configuration if I set the address manually to 192.168.100.x and connect to the device at

    What works:

    enable routing on the wcg200. set clients to dhcp. they are given private addresses and the wcg200 nats from private to public.

    Maybe I have to ask Cox to change some setting, but I'd like to know what to say when I call them, so that if I get someone who only knows how to read scripts I can just hang up and call back and try again. I don't want to try and explain this five times to cox looking for the right person.

    Anyone running a wcg200 without routing?


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