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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by phaidros7, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I have a scenario where all WRT54G APs (around 7) and all Clients (windows mobile PDAs, no way to change this :() cannot get hardwired. So we have roaming APs and roaming Clients.

    Roaming APs is not that difficult:
    - just take latest dd-wrt
    - enable WDS
    - add every wireless mac to every other AP
    - enable STP
    - choose same essid and same channel (e.g. 6) on all APs

    with that, the APs create alot of traffic just standing there.
    problem is, I'm not sure how many of the APs see each other, does it matter if they are - lets say "to close" to each other? is it problematic to have partially overlapping ranges?

    Next step are the roaming clients.
    I took the PDAs in the area and they got connected. When moving around, they seem to loose conection and reconnect not instantly to another AP. so roaming seems to work, but no way seamless.

    as I uderstood, roaming is best realized with APs in non overlapping channels, but this is contradictory to the functionality of WDS.
    hum ...

    At this point I'm stuck.
    Does it technically work to have AP _and_ seamless Client roaming with WRT54G hardware? did someone realize this scenario successful?

    I'm sure that enterprise hardware with 2 wireless nics and/or so called IAPP can solve this way easier, but don't want to give up the try to realize it with consumer hardware and community software, as this is a very useful scenario for roaming clients, with the advance of having steady connection, like for schools or other community places.

    kind regards,
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