WDS between Tomato and Original Linksys Firmware

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Orcim, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Orcim

    Orcim Guest

    Howdy Folks,

    I'm a newbie here...

    First post actually!!!

    Anywho, Here's my problem:

    I live on a 13 acre corporate compound that has 4 Linksys WRT54G access points broadcasting wireless B and G (Mixed Mode) All four access points have Cat5 ran to them and they are all set on the same SSID. Those routers all have the original Linksys Firmware, and are controlled by a very stubborn Network Administrator who dislikes me...

    The signal in my house is very poor because the wireless comes from inside the concrete office building which is about 50 yards away. So I ordered another router from the ever faithful Newegg, The WRT54GL Ver. 1.1.

    I immediately installed DD-WRT v23, and attempted to to tried bridge the wireless connection, but it wouldn't bride the connection, I could see the other router in the device list, but didn't bridge the signal.

    I did some research and flashed the router to Tomato Ver. 1.07 It looks great, I like it better than DD-WRT! But, Sadly, It also does the same thing. I can only see the other router as a device in the device list, Another note is that it doesn't have a IP address assigned.

    Here's some info regarding both routers,

    Router #1 (Router I don't have access to, Corporate Router)

    SSID Broadcast is off
    WEP 128 Bit encryption
    Model WRT54G
    Original Linksys Firmware

    Router #2 (My personal router, full access)

    Same configuration as Router #1
    DHCP is Disabled
    Router mode is WDS
    IP address is set to a non conflicting address
    Default gateway is the the IP for Router #1
    Tomato Ver. 1.07 Firmware
    Model WRT54GL

    Here are some screenshots of the configuration on Router #2

    Basic Setup
    Device List

    Any suggestions, ideas, or help would be greatly appreciated, So far this is a waste of 50 bucks...
  2. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    In order for WDS between router #1 and router #2 to work Router #1 has to be in WDS mode as well. And with Linksys firmware that's not possible.
  3. Nello

    Nello Guest

    Hello Orcim,

    I too am a newbie. The one thing I might be able to help you on is if you haven't received an IP address from Router #1 could be for two reasons:

    1. The encryption key might not be correct.
    2. Router #1 might be using MAC filtering and you might have to clone your PC's MAC into your router.

  4. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Since you likely won't be able to change the other routers you can't use WDS since both ends must be configured and then best to limit by MAC.

    Best to use client or bridged mode. If in bridged mode you'll have to set things to be in the same subnet as the AP you're connecting to and point at the same default gateway that the other side uses. And of course you can't have dupe IPs.

    I would use client mode since the other side only sees one IP address. You must setup using a non conflicting IP subnet on the internal side, the WAN will be on the far end subnet.
    And, you loose AP functions when in bridged or client mode. WDS is nice but you must have cooperation from both ends which it sounds like you won't get.
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