WDS between WRT54G working, but can´t ping subnet ip-address

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Bearmatic, Dec 19, 2004.

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    I`ve got the following setup (Satori 4):

    +++ = wire
    --- = wireless

    Cable-modem +++ Planet WSG401 broadband router with with wireless 11b AP +++ WRT54G(1) --- WRT54G(2)

    Both the WRT54G are in Wireless Mode: AP
    WRT54G are linked by using WDS by MAC. No WDS subnet is defined.
    All APs are given fixed IP address. Gateway is the WSG401 (, WRT54G(1) is and WRT54G(2) is
    All APs use same SSID and are on same subnet.
    Lazy WDS is disabled. DHCP on WRT54g are disabled.

    What works:
    Wireless laptop can connect to the network SSID and connects to whatever AP is the closest (tested by giving different SSID to all APs).
    It works as it is supposed to as i can access internet from any connection I make from my laptop to any of the APs.

    What doesn`t work (if it should):
    When my laptop is connected an AP, I can`t ping the other APs. Let`s say i connect to my WSG401. I can access internet but I can`t ping for example the WRT54G which is WIRED to the ports of the WSG401. And if I connect to WRT54G(2), I can`t ping WRTG54G(1) so it doesn`t seem to have anything to do specifically with the WSG401`s 11b AP.

    Well actually, SOMETIMES I can ping the other APs. and SOMETIMES I can ping all the APs. It doesn`t seem to bother which AP the laptop connects with.

    I thought that if my laptop connected to an AP, the laptop became a part of the subnet and could ping all network devices which doesn`t block ICMP. Strange that the internet connection always work (the traffic works through all APs), but I can`t get hold of the APs themselves.

    Probably hasn`t anything to do with the above problem but: Does the 11b (22Mbps) AP og the WGS401 affect the 11g(54Mbps) APs of the WRT54G?

    I need to be able to access the APs web interfaces for config from "anywhere" since they are in separate locations.

    Any ideas?
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