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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by maxmax20, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member


    i have the following setup.
    2x Linksys WRT54G Router with Tomato 1.19 firmware set up as WDS in my home.
    On the primary router there is only the Internet Modem connected. The Router is connected to the 2nd Router via WDS.
    On the second router there are 4 clients connected with cable.
    Some days ago i realized that downloads from the connected PCs takes a long time. So i started to digg into it. I found out, that when i ping the 1st router via ping command and no download is initiated the connection runs fine.
    When i start a download you can see that the respondtime from 1ms from the ping goes down to 600ms and variy between 300 and 6ms, suddenly the connection drops to the 1st router. It takes a time to reconnect and then its working again for some minutes.

    I checked also the configuration and the log files, there i cant find any issue.

    If anyone has an idea what i could be, please help. I changed also the channles from the wireless router from 11 to 12 there it gone better with longer download.

    Thanks for any help / ideas / trys.

  2. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    Please post the detailed settings of both routers. For example which mode (WDS+AP or WDS only and so on), IPs, etc...
  3. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member


    here we go:

    Both routers are running in
    Mixed B/G Mode
    WPA/WPA2 Personal Security
    AES Encryption
    Channel 12
    Link with : WLAN-MAC from the other router

    primary Router: DHCP with DHCP Server; Router IP:
    sec Router: DHCP: None, fixed IP, gateway:

    anything else?

  4. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member

    just found the following in the log from the router:

    Jan 16 07:44:23 RudiWDS syslog.info System log daemon exiting.
    Jan 16 07:44:24 RudiWDS syslog.info syslogd started: BusyBox v1.2.2
    Jan 16 07:44:24 RudiWDS user.notice kernel: klogd started: BusyBox v1.2.2 (2008.04.20-18:57+0000)
    don't know what does it mean, iam not such a network specialist....
  5. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    Hm.... it looks all right.

    Try moving the router/antenna to other possition and apply more tx power in "advanced - wireless"
  6. astehn

    astehn LI Guru Member

    I'm not sure where you are located, but channel 12 is not allowed in many parts of the world, which might lead to problems with your wireless adapter. Why not use Tomato's built in "Wireless Survey" to try and figure out which channel would have the least interference, and then use that one. Basic information on permissible channels by locations is at:


    Also, just to troubleshoot, you might consider turning off wireless security temporarily. If it works fine without any security, then you might try just using WPA + AES, as this seems to be the most stable with Tomato according to what I've read on these boards.
  7. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member


    iam located in Europe. Channel 12 is supported by the devices and they are working.
    I also tried channel 14, but this was not working with the wireless devices.

    I changed now the encryption back to WPA. I will test it and if fails, i will disable the encryption and test again.

    I keep you updated.
  8. astehn

    astehn LI Guru Member

    This may be a offensively obvious question, but both SSIDs are the same, right? (I believe they have to be in order for WDS to work with WPA encryption). Also, both routers are set to the same channel?

    I second the suggestion to increase the transmit power for both routers--84mW is a safe value (and right at the limit of how much broadcast power you can legally use in Europe, as far as I understand it).
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