WDS Help 1 Non wireless Router, 2 wireless routers

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ghettofreeryder, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. ghettofreeryder

    ghettofreeryder Network Guru Member

    Hi all, hows it going. Heres what im trying to do

    I have my internet access from my cable modem coming into my voip router, a linksys rt41pt. From there, i am currently going from the switch ports off the router to the switch ports on the 2 wireless routers. My wrt54-gs is running the alchemy firmware, and the wrt54-g is running the latest dd-wrt firmware. I want to unwire the wrt54g router and move it to my basement, but ia cant seem to get the wds to work. Does anyone have an idea of how i can be able to make this work, as the wrt54-gs isnt seeing anything on its wan port. Is it still possible to run this configuration, or would it be easier to use the gs as the internet and dmz my voip router?
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by that since the WAN (internet) port shouldn't be in use at all with the configuration you're describing... Have you checked out the WDS Guide??
  3. ghettofreeryder

    ghettofreeryder Network Guru Member

    it goes from the voip switch to the switched ports on the g and the gs, not the wan ports
  4. jkburns

    jkburns Network Guru Member

    I did more or less this config in my new house as a workaround until I could get a hardlink from the new wiring closet to the second floor. It works fine with v23. You just need the MAC's from each router put into their respective counterpart, and both routers on the same channel and security settings. It worked really well for me. :thumbup:

    Something to keep in mind (potentially for that AHA! moment), is that with a router already upstream from both of your WRT's connecting you to your ISP, the WRT's are essentially fancy Access Points with extra memory, horsepower and 4 switch ports. The WAN port itself will be unused on them both. Check out the WDS guide that 4Access pointed out and you'll be good.

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