WDS - Lan or P2P?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by t0ffluss, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member


    I just wanted to ask you guys what I should use in a bridge setup? Lan wds or P2P wds?

    WRT54GS - WRT54GS, 4km apart, 24dBi Hyperlinktech antennas...

    the AP's are only going to "talk" to eachother.. not other clients / ap's

    I have been unable to find any information on how P2P wds works at all.. if anyone can shed any light on this it would be really appreiciated :)

  2. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    Nobody knows? :)

    oh well..

    The bridge is up and running, super stable btw. 4.1km to be exact.
    I get speeds of excess 1Mb/s (1020Kb/s - 1080Kb/s)..
    Both AP's @ 28mW, connected to 24dBi antennas (as mentioned in first post)
    Connected together with WDS

    when doing tests, just between the two AP's, 5ft away from eachother (stock antennas) I could with certain settings get 2500Kb/s - 3000Kb/s in WDS mode
    (I think it was the Afterburner that did the trick actually)

    But enabling the afterburner with the 4.1km distance makes the traffic go into crawl mode.. approx 100Kb/s, max.

    AP1: Signal= -78, Noise= -100, SNR= 22, Signal Quality= 20%
    AP2: Signal= -71, Noise= -98, SNR= 27, Signal Quality= 29%

    Is there a magical setting I could use to make the wireless link be even faster?, atm. Im super happy with it.. but I always like to tweak, and bend the boundries..
    Thats why I initally asked the P2P or LAN wds question in the first post.


  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I don't understand, why only 28 mW ?

    Regarding now your question, I'm not really sure but I think P2P for 2 separate sub-networks (address/mask required) and LAN for the same network...
  4. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    why only 28mW? ..
    well.. because it works great, and I dont get any better link quality / higher speeds with higher mW

    I'we always heard that you should go for a certain mW, and decrease the value untill the line almost drops out, (in my case, Iwe tried 100mW, 75mW, 48mW) and then go for that value, not overkill the power output... :)

    So, if I understand you correct, P2P wds will put the two AP's on different subnets?,

  5. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    The wireless link is not depending on the power ?
    That's very surprising !
    Did you change it on the 2 Wrt at the same time ?

    I'm currently doing a lot of WDS tests but unfortunately, I use 2 different routers.
    My Wag doesn't have all the WDS options of my Wrt...
  6. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    well.. actually.. did some more tweaking today..

    (and yes, I have always done the same thing on both AP's, no individual setting, they have identical configurations)

    I set the AP's to 45mW, and I did some other small tweaks..
    After I set the two AP's to 45mW, the signal went up to 30% on both sides. Which I found quite funny, 1st AP were at 18% @ 28mW, and the other at 28% @ 28mW. Go figure.

    also turned on frame burst on both AP's which jumped the download/upload speed from 1000Kb/s to approx 1950 - 2050Kb/s ;) but the link is sometimes dodgy, and slows down to 500 - 600kb/s, and then up again.. no packet errors... strange..

  7. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    Ok, got it working better now... the speeds are stable,
    @ download = approx 2Mb/s, upload = approx 1.2Mb/s (wierd?)

    apart from default settings, I have this configured.

    Wireless Advanced settings:
    Frame Burst = Enable
    Beacon Interval = 80
    Max Associated Clients = 2
    Preamble = Auto
    Xmit Power = 45mW
    Afterburner = Disable

    Mac Filter:
    Permit only PCs listed... (the two AP's Mac adresses)

    Wireless Security:
    Wep, 64Bit

    Basic Settings:
    Wireless Mode = AP
    Wireless Network Mode = G only
    Wireless Channel = 4 - 2.427GHz
    Wireless SSID Broadcast = Off

    Super happy, and a big thx to DD-Wrt! :)

  8. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Did you try WPA-PSK-TKIP ?

    My link doesn't works with, only WEP (128bits) but my Wag is probably the only one responsible...

    Note I use a Beacon 50 and a Treshold 2304 (Frag. and RTS).

    I added this afternoon a second Wag between (Wrt --- Wag --- Wag), that works fine...
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