WDS on WRT54G(S) using WPA - TKIP encryption

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by e-razor, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. e-razor

    e-razor Network Guru Member

    A WDS link between 2 Airport Express works flawlessly with WPA as with WPA2 security. A WDS link between an Airport Express (AX) and a Linksys WRT54GS (with Thibor's excellent 191005 HyperWRT) without any form of security works flawlessly. I didn't test WEP since I got connectivity without security and WPA security is the "security floor" as far as I'm concerned. As soon as WPA security is employed the WDS link is broken between the WRT54GS and the AX. AES security doesn't seem to be supported by Apple and is therefore not an option under these circumstances.

    Has anyone been able to establish a WDS link with WPA - TKIP encryption using HyperWRT on WRT54G(S) and any other device? If you did, please describe your setup.

    How about a button for each WDS role; Main-, Relay- or Remote base station that configured the WRT54GS in any of these three WDS roles with just one click?

    I've been Googling the Internet high and low scouring every nook and crevice for a solution to this problem. I've also tried other firmware projects, but I always seem to come back to HyperWRT. Some of the other projects (no doubt excellent firmwares) gives an eerie resemblance of Houston Mission Control, and I've already got a problem :)


  2. erio

    erio Network Guru Member

    same here

    hey e-razor,

    i am also in the same situation as you, except i only have 1 airport express connecting to a wrt54gs (thibor's 191005 hyperwrt), using wep. however, i would like to use wpa or wpa2. i'm sure it's possible, but needs more research.

    if you find anything, please keep me posted. thanks!
  3. e-razor

    e-razor Network Guru Member

    I managed to extend a network using an Airport Express (actually 2 Airport Express using WDS over WPA) and a WRT54GS with Thibor's 191005 HyperWRT version configured in Wet mode. The WRT54GS is hardwired to my computer's NIC and spontaneously connected to the Airport Express configured as "WDS Remote Base". That's the Airport Express closest to the WRT54GS

    I configured the Internet Setup on the WRT54GS with a static IP-address on the same subnet, but outside the Airport Express DHCP-scoop and disabled the WRT54GS's DHCP-server and firewall.

    This setup is 180 degrees wrong for me, but maybe somebody else might benefit from it.

    The good news is that this setup still permits you to play music over your Airport Express though iTunes. If you use "Airfoil" any player works.


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